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Formulated using alumina binders and specific synthetic aggregates, FONDAG® is the ready-to-use concrete with the best performance on the market. Feu, abrasion, corrosion, thermal shocks: FONDAG® RMC is resistant to many very harsh environments and to a wide range of extreme conditions.


When added to a regular cement, CIMENT FONDU® accelerates drying and hardening for concretes and mortars, for all those small jobs that require a quick return to operations (masonry or plumbing joints, etc.)

Mixed with aggregates as a sole binder, CIMENT FONDU® concrete is highly resistant to impacts, temperature variations and different types of corrosion.


Made only from an alumina binder, FONDULIT® is a refractory mortar that is ideal for building and repairing open-flame fireplaces and barbecues. When used for laying or grouting tiles, it is also resistant to certain types of corrosion such as water containing sulfates, mineral salts, etc.


The refractory cements in the SECAR® range are the only hydraulic binders on the market that are able to withstand extremely high temperatures (above 1200°C). Therefore, they are designed in particular for refractory applications and are sometimes used because they harden quickly.

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A new head office at the heart of La Défense, Paris

Kerneos chose the Valmy area at La Défense, Paris to locate its new head office